Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coupon Codes

If you like shopping online, you should use coupon codes to get good deals. Check out Couponchief.com, a website where you can find a large selection of free coupons and coupon codes from many famous companies.

You can search their coupon codes by store or by Category. In their Wireless and Internet section, you can find coupon codes from Nokia, Pingo, CompUSA, Cingular Wireless, etc. You can even find coupon code for web hosting from YAHOO! – free domain name included and 35% off on all web hosting packages for the first two month. If I have known Couponchief early, I might have used YAHOO! web hosting service for my new blog, Exploring Blogosphere.


Toni said...

A great place I found for coupons and free stuff is dealtaker.com. Unlike some sites they are updated often. I have saved so much with them. :)