Friday, March 30, 2007

Diet Tips

Obesity is a common problem in western countries. People are seeking different ways to loss their weight – some go to gym regularly; some select to diet; some turn to Diet Supplements. There are hundreds of weight loss products in the market place today. Make sure you do online research or consult your dietitian before purchasing weight loss diet pills. Below are some diet tips to help you stay on a diet from Diet Awareness Institute.

  • Drink eight (8) oz. glasses of water daily
  • Keep track of your progress by using a weight loss log
  • Stick to pre-planned healthy foods
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than larger meals
  • Exercise three times / week
  • Eat slowly, let your appetite catch up with your food intake
  • If you do break your diet one day, get right back on it
  • Stay away from starvation diets
  • Balanced eating works better in the long run.