Saturday, March 3, 2007

Learning English Everywhere - Coyote Alert

The announcement below can be an example of formal English writing. We can also learn more about the local community.

From Strata Council
  • Some residents have noticed an increase in coyote activity within our complex recently, particularly in the area of the pathway that runs between the two southern-most rows. It seems these critters are becoming quite “at home” in the complex.
  • Residents with small children and pets should be aware of this situation and take suitable precautions to ensure their safety.
  • We ask residents to take all necessary steps to discourage the presence of these animals, eg. by chasing them off whenever they are encountered, and by putting garbage out only in secure garbage bins - and preferably only on the morning of scheduled collections (typically Mondays). Under no circumstances should there be any feeding of these animals.
  • Your co-operation is much appreciated.