Sunday, April 15, 2007

Languages Used in the Blogosphere

Do you know which language is mostly used in the blogging community? Below are numbers from Technorati’s quarterly State of the Blogosphere.

  • Japanese the #1 blogging language at 37%
  • English second at 33%
  • Chinese third at 8%
  • Italian fourth at 3%
  • Farsi a newcomer in the top 10 at 1%
  • English the most even in postings around-the-clock
How many languages can you speak? If you are an ESL Learner, obviously more than one :-) So, what's your mother tougue?


Lonnie said...

Here Chinglish is running pretty high...

Greetings from an ESL Prof' in China...


Kamakura Kid said...

Quite stunned seeing Japan so highly used. After eight years living there I guess I really know nothing.

Cheers, Steve

SEO Engineering 101 said...

I speak about 13....

Azrin @