Thursday, April 19, 2007

Online Backup for Small Business

If you are doing online business, you probably need to backup your critical data. Check out IBackup, a leading Online Backup and storage provider. IBackup provides consumers and small businesses open, highly customizable secure online backup, storage, access and data sharing solutions. IBackup has won many awards, including the 'Webuser Gold Award’, 'PC Magazine Editor's Choice' and was the 'favorite backup service' for PCWorld Magazine. For more details, please visit their website.


Chandradhar said...

Ibackup, Idrive, Pro Softnet corp or whatever they are calling themselves these days are *very* black hat. They’re notorious for email harversting, email spam, comment spam and pay-per-post so steer clear. Send an email or call (818.594.5972) CEO Raghu Kulkarni, Product Manager Naveen Athresh or “spokesman” Sreedhar Acharya and let them know that you disaprove of their tactics.