Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lead Management

Have you ever heard about lead management? Lead management is a term used to describe the methodologies and systems to manage customer prospects and inquiries, usually generated by a variety of marketing techniques. Lead management can be considered the link between advertising and customer relationship management which facilitates the acquisition of customers, and has also been referred to customer acquisition management. is a fast growing sales lead management and website analytics software provider on the international market. Their integration of lead management, visitor tracking and sales analysis can help your organization track every lead, campaign and revenue dollar. For more information, please visit, the sponsor of this review.


Brandon said...

Looks like this software does only half the job when it comes to lead management. While having a bar that says "Hey, Look at me, I'm an important lead call me now!" is nice. Why not take it a step further? When leads are being captured, wouldn't it be nice to be able to get on that lead with seconds? At there is a CRM that can. As soon as a leads information is captured and placed into the CRM from a form, it will automatically call the appropriate user and then contact the lead. Or if a user is not available have it leave an automated message with the lead. This will not only give you better lead coverage, but more business as well.